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Iwi Nails

Iwi Core Collection: Kawakawa (Bonito)

Iwi Core Collection: Kawakawa (Bonito)

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The Kawakawa (Bonito) nail set is a dark maroon, red/purple color reminiscent of the ʻono meat of the Kawakawa or Bonito. This iʻa (fish) is also called Pohopoho or Kīnaʻu / ʻĀhua based on it's growth stage.*

I chose the name Iwi for this business because not only were these nails inspired by various iwi (shells, antlers[kiwi], coconut shells & more) but these nails also take on an iwi like quality when you cure them.  Koʻu iwi, my bones, are both figuratively and literally at the core of who I am, as iwi are integral to many living things around us (even mea kanu, plants). The IWI Core Collection are our solids and plain colors. These ʻāina inspired colors will be restocked periodically, so you can count on these basics to be around!

*For more on the fish names and growth stages, search "kawakawa" at


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Malia Albert
Great color, easy to apply

I love this color! It goes with everything, has the right amount of drama, and it's great for the autumn/winter. These were a little bit stretchy and vert easy to trim and apply.

Glad you love it! Mahalo nui!

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