Our Story

We believe in a world where individuals and communities are accepted and loved for who they are. Where everyone has a voice and the freedom to express themselves authentically.
To utilize storytelling in design to amplify marginalized voices and to create products that empower people and highlight their beauty and uniqueness.
We believe in the freedom to express all parts of yourself with passion and creativity. Our ancestral stories and knowledge, our communities and family, our friends and interests all come together to create beautiful and unique humans. This space to be who we are gives us self confidence, style and assurance as we embark on adventures and learn about the world and those around us.  We learn to be more inclusive, empathetic and kind - all while sharing our own knowledge and culture. Out of our killer style, the support of the people we come from and the people we meet, and our myriad of adventures - our own unique and epic stories are born and join those who came before us and lead the way for those who will come after.