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Have your nails do more than just slay - have them tell a story and support a community.


Pūpū Hinuhinu Collection

Our Pūpū Hinuhinu collection is inspired by the beautiful shells that dot Hawaiʻi's beaches and ocean floor. The hebrew, marble and flea cone are varieties of pūpū pōniuniu, or "dizzy shell"*. They were given this name because many live cone shells are actually venomous. Be very careful when handling these shells & you should never take a live snail! The cowry shell, commonly known as leho, comes in many varieties like kuoho, kupa, ʻōlūpalaha, pāuhu (pōuhu), pūleho, pūleholeho, hōlei, pūleho kaniʻo, pūleho ʻula, pūleho palaoa, pūpū, leholeho & ʻuala. It is a shell loved by heʻe and used as a lure for them. The miter shell, or ʻahaʻaha is one of the most beautiful and rare shells to find, and its sunset orange hues are very distinctive. 

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Palaka Collection

ʻAuhea wale ʻoe te wahine holo lio, pua nani o Hawaiʻi lā? Though palaka has roots in the colonial plantation history of Hawaiʻi, our people have used it to build our local identity and style. Now it's a classic mainstay of style & fashion in Hawaiʻi. Aloha i ka Hawaiian Cowboy! 

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Holoholo Collection

He mau pepeiao ko ka iʻa. I was always told never to say you’re going fishing, because the fish will hear you. So instead we say “We going Holoholo”. This collection is inspired by the Holoholo lifestyle from Mauka to Makai.This lifestyle puts food on the table and feeds our mind and spirit - nothing beats a day in the mauna or ma kai going Holoholo!

This collections designs are made up of camo and kia (deer) [A COLLAB WITH HULALAEI DESIGNS] designs for the mountain, and shallow water, ʻupena (net) and Mahimahi and Kūmū fish designs for sea. It also has our Lako design - ʻupena, fishing poles, lūheʻe and more are all important tools for a fisherman, there's another tool that is just as important - kilokilo (observation). Observing bird behavior, moon cycles, tides and more are all important skills for a kanaka lawaiʻa. This set is inspired by those kilokilo tools that all good fishermen need. 

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When the constellation Makaliʻi rises as the sun sets, that signifies the beginning of the Makahiki season and a new year for Kānaka Maoli. This Kau Makahiki is a time to honor Lonoikamakahiki and participate in ceremony, tribute, sport and play. LONOIKAMAKAHIKI!

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Mea Kanu Collection

Our Mea Kanu (Plant) Collection is inspired by the beautiful plants that make up Hawaiʻi's landscape. Indigenous plants, those brought by our ancestors, or those more newly introduced but still familiar all serve as a muse for our nails. 

I grew up practicing ʻulana lau niu (coconut weaving) with my Papa and my ʻohana, so the Niu is near and dear to my heart. It roots me to my childhood and ʻohana. The other side of my ʻohana is from California - and we used to visit often as kids and I loved the retro So Cal style. Niu Kid on the Block is a combo of both my Hawaiʻi roots and my connection to ʻohana in California.

One of the many beautiful things about our ʻōlelo mākuahine (mother tongue) is the depth of even the simplest of words. Multiple meanings allows for nuance and multiple poetic interpretations.The word "lau" means leaf, but it also (amongst other things) means design. Nā Lau is made up of multiple lau (designs/leaves) that are important to kānaka maoli for food, medicine, lei & more: Lauaʻe, Kalo, ʻUlu, ʻUala, ʻAwa and Hōʻiʻo.

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Pīkake Dot

Pīkake, though not native to Hawaiʻi, is a beloved flower used often in beautiful, fragrant lei. I associate these lei with special occasions and celebrations, like weddings and graduation. This pīkake dot design combines this beautiful flower with a frosty sparkle - bringing to mind celebrations and the sweet sweet aroma of pīkake.

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E Ola ka ʻŌlelo Makuahine

Long live our mother tongue! February is Mahina ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi - or a month dedicated to the Hawaiian language. This french tip set weaves in many of our Hawaiian values such as aloha ʻāina, kūpaʻa, haʻahaʻa, kuleana, and akahai. Our language is the means by which we access these important values and many other aspects of our culture. Let's work to normalize our ʻōlelo and live our values, not just this month, but each and every day!

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Ānuenue Kau Pō

This design was created in collaboration with a wonderful human, Cullen Willing. Here’s his inspiration behind the design:

The moon has always felt like a kindred spirit, coming out only at night, preferring the cool and dark over the glaring heat and visibility of the day. I often feel that my life mirrors its cycle as time goes on - I grow and change, but always maintain who I am, my identity. I chose this design as a nod to traditional PRIDE aesthetics, but more as a representation of my journey. Many people, because of my identity, have pushed me into the dark, attempting to ignore or hide who I am. But I continue to show my vibrant colors, shining bright despite the dark that sometimes surrounds me. When you wear this design, remember to always be yourself and allow your light to shine no matter who tries to dampen it. 

25% of the proceeds from the sale of this design is donated to Hawaiʻi LGBT Legacy Foundation. 

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Kahua ʻĀina & Iwi Nails

ʻAʻohe ʻulu i loaʻa i ka pōkole o ka lou - No breadfruit can be reached when the picking stick is too short, meaning preparation is key! Get prepared for any event or just day to day tasks with these ʻulu nails with neutral vibes that will match any outfit. The soft greens and beige plus your favorite ʻulu motifs make for a chic meakanu Hawaiʻi mani.

Manu ʻŌiwi

Kahua ʻĀina & Iwi Nails

Adorn your nails with manu and meakanu ʻōiwi. Little ʻiʻiwi, ʻakiapōlāʻau, ʻelepaio, ʻapapane and palila will lele with you wherever you go when wearing this nail set, along with their meaʻai (food).

Loʻi Kalo

Kolokolea Shop & Iwi Nails

E huli ka lima i lalo. The Loʻi Kalo (Taro Patch) nail is inspired by full thriving loʻi where communities come together to huli ka lima i lalo - and work together.

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Keiki o ka ʻāina

ʻOno & ʻAwa x Iwi Nails

These strips are for those keiki who love to get their hands dirty playing or working in the ʻāina (land) but also love to get dolled up for pāʻina (parties). With bright colors, silver sparkle, and ʻOno & ʻAwa's Keiki o ka ʻĀina print, these strips are fun and unique!

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ʻOno & ʻAwa x Iwi Nails

There is no place like Hawaiʻi! With our endless natural beauty and warm & loving communities, aloha abounds. These keiki strips with ʻOno & ʻAwa's Aloha design is for keiki (kids) that are just as special as the place we call home!

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Found in the uhiwai (heavy fog) of our verdant Hawaiian forests, the Palapalai is a stand out mea kanu. It is used heavily in hula tradition, lei making and overall one of the most recongnizable ferns when going holoholo ma uka. This desgin was inspired by the feel of walking through the misty forest in search of the most perfect Palapalai ferns for lei.

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ʻAʻala (fragrant,sweet-smelling) are the Puakenikeni. These pua are so fun to pick to wear, decorate with, or make lei with. The colors used in this design mimic the all the colors the pua can be. From the fresh cream colored pua early in the morning, the yellow mid day and the late afternoon deep orange pua the kenikeni is always a favorite!

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Kuiki ʻUlu

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This set features a Kuiki ʻUlu (ʻUlu Quilt) design in dark green, with green and blue accents.

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King Protea


Happy 3rd Birthday Mokulehua! As a special business birthday treat, Mokulehua and Iwi Nails teamed up to create this AMAZING King Protea nail set. If you're a protea lover like us (or even if you're not!) you're sure to love this special set. With shades of soft pink, deep rose, and cream accented by Mokulehua's King Protea design - this nail set is sure to become your new go-to.

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Lei Pakalana

Mokulehua & Iwi Nails

Another beautiful design from Mokulehua. This Lei Pakalana design features shades of lime green and olive, adorned with lei pakalana.

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Retro ʻUlu Quilt

Mokulehua & Iwi Nails

Our second collab with Mokulehua is this neutral yet bold Retro ʻUlu Quilt is a necessary staple for any nail enthusiast. With soft yellows, browns and oranges, it is earthy and gives funky 70s vibes! Get groovy ✌🏽 

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Melia Falls


This beautiful design by JT of Aloha De Mele comes from her Melia Falls print which was inspired by falling Pua Melia. Wear these to bring to mind a fragrant lei or the gentle falling of pua melia from your backyard tree.

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Retro The Future is ʻŌiwi

Lola & Elia x Iwi Nails

The future is 'Ōiwi! (Indigenous) These nails are designed in true Lola + Elia style as a daily reminder that the power is in our hands. From planting Kalo to fighting for our wai or 'āina, a better future lies in 'Ōiwi hands.


[Ep-ik] Style & Iwi Nails

'Ilima - the blossoms that are woven into garlands for personal adornment. My grandmother devoted herself to these garlands and passed the art of stringing 'ilima. Inspired by her grace and commitment, the art of stringing these beautiful blossoms has been uprooted from Ualapu'e, Molokai and passed on from generation to generation.

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Ānuenue (Rainbow) Raindrops

Meek Nest & Iwi Nails

Although rainbows are a common sight in Hawaii, we are amazed each time we see one. Rainbows remind us to pause and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us: the nourishing rain, the warm sun, and endless colors in nature. Rainbows always inspire us to make art and venture outdoors. We hope your keiki enjoy wearing these rainbows as they create and explore.

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Sunrise Shell

Meek Nest & Iwi Nails

The beautiful sunrise shell, native to the Hawaiian islands, inspired this design. We have many memories of beach combing on Kauaʻi, hoping to find an elusive sunrise shell. Although sunrise shells vary in color, we especially love the shells with vibrant oranges and pinks. We hope these sunrise shells brighten your nails… and your day!

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