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Check out some of the amazing local artists, organizations and individuals with which we have partnered below. Give them a follow, shop with them, learn more or donate.

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We've had the privilege to partner with many local artists and organizations on various designs and Iwi projects. Check out these amazing women, LGBTQ+, indigenous, AAPI and Hawaiʻi based partners.

ʻOno & ʻAwa Keiki Club

‘Ono + ‘Awa Keiki is inspired by the beauty of Hawai’i and all its keiki. Their “Hawaiian Bandages for Hawai’i” campaign supports those in need. For every two sets of bandages purchased, they donate a set of bandages to a local school, medical clinic, or organization in need.

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Kolekolea Shop

An ʻōiwi (indigenous) owned shop with Hawaiʻi inspired mea (things) for the whole family. That includes mākua (parents), keiki (kids) and even your fur babies!

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Cullen Willing

Cullen shared his story through our Ānuenue Kau Pō design, and chose to donate 25% of the profits to the Hawaiʻi LGBT Legacy Foundation. We have been able to donate over $1000 so far!

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Kahua ʻāina

Kahua ʻĀina is a company deeply rooted in the care for ʻāina and in order to care for something, you must first fully know what it is. ʻĀina is the place in which you find nourishment.

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hulalei Designs

ALOHA INSPIRED gear that helps you to Go out and make some MO’OLELOS (stories).

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Shop Kinolau

Shop Kinolau creates pieces that embody everyday Hawaiian practices and mimic the lush and abundant environment.

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Aloha DeMele

JT Ojerio is a self-taught artist that was born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawai’i.

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Lola & Elia

Designed in the HAWAIIAN KINGDOM, Lola & Elia makes everything from tumblers, to keiki gear, to jewelry.

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[Ep-ik] Style

A lifestyle and clothing brand based on Molokai empowering through clothing, and creating unforgettable style.

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Meek Nest

They love creating art that brings “tropical joy” to your heart and home. Their designs are inspired by the vibrant beauty of our islands and surrounding ocean.

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Kawailiʻulā Designs

Kawailiʻulā Designs did my rebrand and was amazing. She started Kawaili'ulā Designs to assist local businesses in Hawai’i.

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Arianna Photography

Our photographer extraordinaire based on Molokai who took most of the photos on this site!

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Hoʻokipa FC

My amazing bookkeeper. My finances would be a mess without her!

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