Have questions about anything Iwi Nails? See some responses to common questions here. If you still can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

What are Iwi Nails?

Iwi Nails are ʻāina inspired semi cured gel nail strips that are easy to use, easy to remove and long lasting. Unlike traditional nail polish, there is no long dry time and no multiple coats. Just apply the strips, cure for 60 seconds under a UV lamp and you're good to go! A salon quality manicure in 30 minutes.

How are Iwi Nails different from other nail decals (like Color Street)?

Iwi Nails are SEMI CURED GEL. That means they require an extra step of curing under a UV lamp. Though this is an extra step, it is worth it! The hardening under the UV ensures that the nails last and have a gel-like quality, achieving that salon look. 

Do I need a UV lamp to use Iwi Nails?

Yes, you do. We have UV/Gel Lamps available on our site, but you can use any UV lamp that is made for curing gel nails.

Do I need a top coat? Can I use any top coat with Iwi Nails?

Top coats are optional but recommended. They help to seal the edges of your nails to keep hair out and to keep your manicure lasting longer. Plus they can give a unique matte or high gloss finish. You can use any brand of top coat but a GEL TOP COAT is highly recommended for best results. Be sure to cure the top coat after application (for gel top coats, including Iwi Brand top coats).

How long do Iwi Nails last in the package?

Sealed nails should last up to a year after purchase as long as they are stored in a cool, dry place. If you have opened your nails and have extra, be sure to place them back into the foil bag so that they are not exposed to any UV light, and store in a cool area. Opened nails will last 3 months or more as long as they are stored properly.

How should I store my unused Iwi Nails?

Keep them in a cool, dry place. It doesn't need to be the refrigerator, but they will be damaged if left in extreme high heats for extended periods of time (24 hours or more). DON'T LEAVE THEM IN YOUR HOT CAR! 

How do you apply Iwi Nails?

It's quite easy once you get the hang of it! You can check out our instructional videos here. If you have trouble the first time, don't be discouraged, you'll only get better the more you practice. But if you do have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

How do you remove Iwi Nails?

No harsh chemicals or grinding are required to remove these strips. Just take the wooden burnisher (included in the nail set) and wet it or drop cuticle oil on your cuticles. Use the burnisher to slide the water or oil under the nail, and the glue will start to dissolve. For video instructions, click here. Be sure to lift them gently to minimize damage of the nail bed. We DO NOT RECOMMEND just ripping them off, as that can damage your nail bed.

Where do the Iwi Nails designs come from?

All of our custom designs are ʻāina inspired - meaning they are inspired by our environment, our families and communities, our lāhui and Hawaiian nation, and more! We aim to share Hawaiʻi rooted perspectives and motifs and work with other Kanaka and Local small businesses to share their designs as well! Our core collection designs are stock designs selected with an ʻāina inspiration in mind.

Is Iwi Nails locally owned and operated?

Yes! It is 100% locally owned. It is also 100% Kanaka Maoli and Wahine owned and operated!

Can I find Iwi Nails at retail locations?

Yes! We have multiple retail locations across the islands. Check out our retail locations page to learn more. 

My nail color is separating from the clear gel coat when I try to remove them from the base? Should this be happening?

It can happen if you're being really rough with the nail strips, but if you are removing them gently, it shouldn't be happening. If it is, that means the nails experienced heat damage. BE SURE TO STORE THE NAILS IN A COOL PLACE. (Under 100 degrees F) If this happens to you within 30 days of purchase, please reach out to us right away for a replacement!

My Iwi Nails only lasts a couple of days... what am I doing wrong?

Be sure to follow the instructions for best results. Some really important steps are:

1. Buffing your nail before cleaning.
2. Cleaning your nail really well with the alcohol wipe (any dirt or oil will prevent nail from sticking).
3. Burnishing with the little wooden stick included in packet. Be sure to rub out any air bubbles, and make sure there are no lifted edges.
4. Cure for the full 60 seconds (using the built in timer in the lamp).
5. A top coat helps, but you should get long wear even without it!

My hair is getting caught in my Iwi Nails, how can I avoid this?

Be sure that when you apply the nail, you smooth down ALL edges. Also apply the nail slightly away from your cuticle instead of right up on it because that can cause gaps where hair will get caught. 

If your nails grow out and hair starts to get caught, add a top coat, ensuring you cover all edges and that should get you more wear time without your hair getting caught!